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It’s difficult to find a leadership book in any bookstore, business library or executive bookshelf on the planet, that doesn’t talk about the importance of focus.

As a leader, we know all about the necessity for focus. We believe that we need to be focused and most of the time we do a pretty good job at focusing…until…

Until…those times…when we really need to focus! Like when chaos is all around us.

And…then all of the sudden, what was easy, what was maybe even second nature for us becomes almost impossible to do.

Join Michael and Jim as they reveal the steps in keeping your focus during chaotic times. 

Has the weather turned on you and your business suddenly? Are the waves starting to crash against the sides of your once comfortably traveling ship?

Do you now find yourself in uncertain waters?

All leaders are born instantly as experts at getting INTO messes. What separates the good from the great is their ability to get OUT of messes.

The best leaders may have started their training in ivory tower classrooms or through heavy researching and mentoring. But at some point, to get your sea legs, you’ve got to get on your own ship.

And, if you really want to learn about your leadership capabilities…that self-discovery will occur the moment you find yourself lost at sea.

Join Michael and Jim as they provide key navigational secrets to weathering the most difficult of business storms.

There comes a time in the life of any leader of significance where they will face the toughest of decisions in the most challenging situation.

During these times, there is rarely the perfect answer…the most clear choice…but action is required, a decision needs to be made…and everyone is looking at you.

Because you…are the leader.

In these moments of tremendous stress, and the highest level of danger for you and your organization, you must have the ability to muster the courage to take action.

Join Michael and Jim for this critical discussion regarding one of the most important capabilities in leadership.

As an entrepreneur, as a leader, loving what you do provides a central core of energy, a shield against all difficulties, and the motivation to take you up the highest mountains.

It’s what gets you springing out bed on a Monday morning…it’s what takes you through the roughest rivers…with a laugh and a shout of victory when you make it through a Category 5 rapid.

When your work is a joy…it’s a joy to work.

So…what do you if your current work situation doesn’t provide you with the love you feel you deserve?

Join Michael and Jim as they explore this important topic and provide strategies for loving what you do.

There comes a time in the journey of every leader when all they have built, all they have hoped for seems to shatter into so many pieces on the ground.

Things will break. Experiences will disappoint. The insurmountable odds against you…will sometimes prevail. It’s just the way it is.

It’s the life of an entrepreneur. It’s written in every leadership resume.

But, there is light in the distance. And as a leader, the place you’re going is always better than the place you’ve come from, because you’re so much stronger and wiser now. 

Join Michael and Jim as they share how to bring new life to your ideas and how to rebuild your shattered dream.

Life is an adventure. Being a leader is an adventure. Sometimes it’s an enjoyable Sunday drive…and at other times it’s a wild safari.

When things do get a bit crazy…and especially when everything seems to go flat out nuts…the people around you are going to getting worried, nervous…and they might even panic.

During these moments when the foreboding clouds are approaching and that twister appears in the blackened sky…you…as the leader, must still lead with a steady hand.

Join Michael and Jim as they explain how leaders can and must always be the calm in the midst of the storm. 

There is no more significant need of great leaders in the world, than when there is a crisis.

When everything around you has shifted, when all of the rules have suddenly changed, when the right decisions, the right actions are needed…and needed quickly…excellence in leadership is required.

And when it comes to your business…that leader is you.

Join Michael and Jim as they share the wisdom earned through hard lessons in order to help you maximize your leadership skills during a crisis.

“Do I have what it takes to start a business?”

Let’s be honest. If you’re working for someone else…and you’re a leader, someone who enjoys designing a vision, building a team, and pursuing a goal, then you’ve already asked yourself this question.

You’ve wondered, “Why am I grinding away so hard at building something for someone else? For making someone else more wealthy?”

Yes…friends, at some point in your life…you’ve probably asked yourself…”Do I have what it takes to start a business?”

Join Michael and Jim as they help you answer that critical question…before you take the leap.

Today’s markets are so competitive, that for you to succeed in business, you can’t swim in the waters of mediocrity. You’ve got to be exceptional.

And even being exceptional will only get you so far. It will help you launch a company, and to have a good run at selling products or services.

But, if you want to build something to last, something with long-term impact, it needs to rise to an even higher level.

Join Michael and Jim as they provide key insights into getting your customers to love you.

Being an entrepreneur is a wonderfully wild journey…full of winding roads, deep shadowy valleys and glorious peaks.

It really is a Dickensian novel…in that it’s “the best of times…and it’s the worst of times.”

When it comes to worst of times..pretty high on that list are those moments when you have to share some bad news.

Yet, doing it correctly, can make all of the difference in your role as a leader.

Join Michael and Jim as they discuss the art and heart of breaking bad news.

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