Virtual Chief Marketing Officer

Let’s face it: Few businesses can afford to hire an experienced, talented Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

But can you imagine how much impact this would have on your bottom line…your top line…heck…all of the lines!

The good news is there is a way you can accomplish this feat in your business. You can hire me as your Chief Marketing Officer through a monthly retainer.

Imagine getting all of the benefits of adding a full-fledged Chief Marketing Officer to your team at a fraction of the cost. And because you don’t have to worry about having me spend any time other than focuses on developing your marketing infrastructure, messaging and brand, you can get an extraordinary return on your investment.

I won’t waste time chatting at the water cooler, you won’t need to onboard or train me…you don’t even need to invite me to your Christmas Party.

Just 100% value.

Don’t like the title of Virtual Chief Marketing Officer? It doesn’t matter. I can be your Virtual Vice President of Marketing or Virtual Marketing Director…or just the marketing consultant that focused on radically enhancing your growth, revenues and profitability.

Perhaps the best thing is there is no long term commitments required. Unlike hiring a full time employee and then hoping and praying it will work out over a period of a year or two, our arrangement only needs to be month to month.

However; I’m absolutely convinced we’ll be working together for a very, very long time.

Why not give this a try? The first, simple step is to sign up for one of my Breakthrough Consultations.

Let’s get started today.


Game Changing Advice. 25 Years In The Making.

Having significantly and positively impacted the projects of more than a thousand entrepreneurs, I am certain I can assist you as well. Why wait to get priceless feedback, heightened clarity and a strategy that will greatly improve your confidence moving forward?
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