Virtual Chief Marketing Officer

Let’s face it: Few businesses can afford to hire an experienced, talented Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

But can you imagine how much impact this would have on your bottom line…your top line…heck…all of the lines!

The good news is there is a way you can accomplish this feat in your business. You can hire me as your Chief Marketing Officer through a monthly retainer.

Imagine getting all of the benefits of adding a full-fledged Chief Marketing Officer to your team at a fraction of the cost. And because you don’t have to worry about having me spend any time other than focusing on developing your marketing infrastructure, messaging and brand, you can get an extraordinary return on your investment.

I won’t waste time chatting at the water cooler, you won’t need to onboard or train me…you don’t even need to invite me to your Christmas Party.

Just 100% value.

Don’t like the title of Virtual Chief Marketing Officer? It doesn’t matter. I can be your Virtual Vice President of Marketing or Virtual Marketing Director…or just the marketing consultant that focused on radically enhancing your growth, revenues and profitability.

When you hire me as your Virtual Chief Marketing Officer, you are also getting an entire marketing department. I can handle virtually every aspect of your marketing needs in both traditional and digital marketing. 

Copywriting. Graphic design. Web development. Social media management. Media planning. I can do it all for you.

Perhaps the best thing is there is no long term commitments required. Unlike hiring a full time employee and then hoping and praying it will work out over a period of a year or two, our arrangement only needs to be month to month.

However; I’m absolutely convinced we’ll be working together for a very, very long time.

Let’s get started today.


Your great success begins with exceptional strategy.

Marketing strategy at its core is the art and science of winning in business.

It’s the difference between a thriving, hot spot of a restaurant…or a lonely diner.

This strategy is what separates a highly successful business launch…from a wasted idea on a cocktail napkin.

Whether your organization is just getting started, or has been providing quality services or products for many decades, the decisions you make in regard to your marketing and advertising strategies are critical to your success.

Beginning with our Breakthrough Consultation, and carried out through our marketing consulting services I will explore with you and develop strategy for the four phases of your enterprise:



Everybody has ideas. It takes an entrepreneur to breathe life into them.

Let’s be honest. There are good ideas and bad ideas. For that matter there is good breath…and bad breath.

One of the joys of marketing is getting to hear thousands of ideas. It’s not the idea that is exciting…it’s the passion behind the ideas. It’s the heart of an entrepreneur wanting to turn them into magic.

Whether your business has barely cracked out of the egg or if it’s been a three-generation family affair, it’s all begins (or began) with a core idea.

The uniqueness, value and intensity of this idea will make or break you. It’s the quintessential difference between having a company that will grind your soul…or thrill your audiences and fill your pocketbook.

I’ve heard thousands of core ideas through the years and there has never been one that hasn’t benefited in a major way from a slight tweak or in some cases, a minor overhaul.

Never. In all of these cases, has there not been one without merit. It’s just sometimes, the gold nugget is buried deep in the rubble of your initial plan.

In many cases, these nuggets can be discovered in a matter of minutes. That is, minutes of insight that has been developed over twenty five years of being in the business.

Want to test out your idea? Think you have something, but it may be in need of a tweak or two?

There is no reason to be a lonely entrepreneur, trying to figure things out on your own.

I offer a powerful, and in some ways, life-changing one-on-one consultation. Not with an intern. Not with someone who is still finding their way. But with a seasoned, accomplished veteran of the craft who has worked with some of the largest companies on the planet, as well with countless upstart companies.

You’ll work directly with me.


 You can plan for success. Or you can expect failure.

Being able to bootstrap. Having the gift of operating by the seat of your pants.

These are critical entrepreneurial talents to possess if you want to build a world class organization…or even just a solopreneurship…from the ground up.

But these are also skills where the glass should be broken only in case of emergency.

No one should ever rely on a lack of planning, or the absence of preparedness. It is a hundred times less painful to lose money…on paper…rather than to lose it because you never invested in a good compass.

Success in entrepreneurship takes hard work, and it’s hardly ever beneficial to take action before you have a detailed strategy.

Developing a detailed plan can be hit and miss. It can be painful.

But it doesn’t have to be. Not if you work with an expert who has helped chart the waters of literally hundreds of businesses. Why not take advantage of a quarter century worth of marketing experience?

The cost of winging it, or trying to fill develop critical planning through guesswork and wild assumptions is more a recipe for failure than a streamlined pathway to success.

These are all part of my vital Chief Virtual Marketing Officer services that will benefit you and your vision.



Great marketing talent is capable of taking good ideas and turning them into an exceptional creative work, bringing messages to life with style, impact and effectiveness.

Your products may be groundbreaking. The services you provide may be mission critical to your audience.  But if you are unable to articulate your value with professionalism and power, your endeavor will go the way of desert terrain and rolling tumbleweeds.

No one wants their great idea to end up as a ghost town of wasted promise. Losing in business is lonely, expensive and painful.

Surprisingly, most businesses don’t fail because their idea is poor. They fail at trying to communicate it to the world that desperately needs it.

So many companies have extraordinary concepts that ultimately fall short from lack of properly investing in communicating them to their prospects and customers.

Or worse. Sometimes this failure is not from a lack of investment, it’s because the message was never properly formed in the first place. Getting your message and audience right from the beginning is the DNA of all future success.

It’s your most cost-efficient investment in all of your marketing!

Getting your message correctly formed is not only the most powerful element of marketing and advertising, it can be an extraordinary tool for motivating your employees, sales team, vendors and customers.

You will find few options on the planet that will be able to do more with your messaging strategy than working with me. Not only will I work with you to efficiently get to the core of your messaging truth, I’ll be able to then assist you in the best strategy for communicating it to those who can’t wait to hear it.



Winning isn’t everything in life. But in business it’s the only thing that will allow you to survive and ultimately thrive.

Make no mistake about it. Capitalism isn’t for the faint of heart.

You are engaging in a highly competitive sport, one that has profound implications on a daily basis.

Success doesn’t just happen for entrepreneurs. It begins with a great idea, is followed up with an excellent plan, and then requires the highest intricacies of communication.

Even with excellence in all of these areas, it’s perseverance that is the required fuel for entrepreneurial victories.

There is no rest for the weary. Reaching the top is just the beginning of the journey. Keeping top of the charts and number one in the hearts of your customers is an endless struggle.

The good news is that you don’t need to face all of this alone. As your Virtual Chief Marketing Officer, I will offer you the highest levels of expertise as well as the friendly accountability you need to stay on track.

Reaching your goals is never impossible. But it’s impossible to get there without a winning mindset.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Request your Breakthrough Consultation today.

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