Why Old Guys (& Gals) Rule On Social Media

by | Dec 12, 2020

Similarly as portrayed by the popular Apple commercials which feature a young, witty hipster out-showcasing a frumpy Bill Gates clone, old guys are seen as wannabes in the world of Social Media. But the good news is that those of us with receding hairlines, receipts from dry cleaners and the frightful understanding of what it takes to meet payroll, will get the last laugh.
Old guys and gals rule on social media.

It’s fair to concede that this is true merely when it comes to business application. The original purpose of Facebook was to help college students find a date, and our wrinkles, sags and outmoded belief that belts should be used to keep our pants from hanging on the ground keeps us the underdog in this area.

But when it comes to business networking, building a client base, career searching, marketing, and public relations, we have what it takes to turbo charge Social Media strategies.

Here are some reasons why:

The Power of the Roladex
Remember the Roladex? Yes, computerization put it in the same museum as the DayTimer, but the value of the contacts you know and the relationships you’ve built over time is priceless. Social Media allows you to communicate and interact with people you know, and with people who want to get to know you. In a short period of time, by connecting with the influential people you know, you can build a Social Media network which would be the envy of even the most computer savvy college grad.

Knowledge & Experience
The Internet at its core is a research tool. People are constantly seeking out answers and insight on the web. The popularity of BLOGS was spawned by leaders in the industry who actually had something valuable to say. You have a huge advantage over many in your ability to share wisdom. You earned those gray hairs so put them to good use through Social Media and you’ll rapidly gain a healthy following.

The Inside Scoop
Everybody enjoys a little insider information, especially when it can translate to a step up in the world. What you are privy to in your boardroom discussions and industry whispers will serve like gold to a welcoming audience. You’re like E.F. Hutton. When you talk…people will listen.

Access to Influence
What makes Social Media so attractive is that ordinary folks can connect with the most powerful and famous people around. They want to get to know you, and learn how you got to the position you fought so hard to attain. Social Media-ites are going to want to connect with the CEO of Coca Cola, not the young kid in the mailroom who happens to know how to work an iPhone. Give the people what they want and you’ll begin to enjoy the rich rewards of Social Media.

So Why Are You Still Standing There?
With all of this being true, why is it that so many old guys and gals are lagging in the area of Social Media? There are quite a few legitimate reasons, but many more myths.  The debunking begins in Part 2 of this BLOG.

But for now, in an effort to keep my young friends from rushing to “Unfriend,” “Unfollow,” and “UnFeed” me, I leave these gentle words. Don’t worry. A day will come soon enough when you’ll write articles like this to help you cope gracefully with old age.


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