Why Fixing Ugly Won’t Fix Your Marketing

If you ask most do-it-yourself entrepreneurs, they will admit to having a little big of ugly in their logo design, brochure development or website. Someday, they think, they’ll be able to afford to “clean it up” with some marketing.

Unfortunately, marketing has very little to do with “cleaning things up”. Yet, most business owners believe the role of marketing is merely to serve as…well some lipstick. 

A way to make things look a little prettier.

This false and shallow belief in what marketing is and does, will cause immense harm to business strategic goals and initiatives. It will limit the potential flourishing of revenues and profits.

In many cases, this line of thinking will attack the very core of an organization’s ability to survive in these challenging markets.

The good news? A proper understanding of marketing can unleash vast potential. Join Michael as he replaces the lipstick with a proper and powerful revelation. 

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