Is Your Website Social?

by | Dec 22, 2020

Is your website lonely and disconnected?

If it’s like most Internet presences out there today, the answer is decidedly “Yes.”  The vast majority of sites have not yet adapted to a Social Media Rich Website platform, and because of this, they are employing horse and buggy technology in an Autobahn world.

Social Media is a consumer tsunami which is wiping out the old communication models, and making some of our traditional marketing approaches obsolete. But, with some skillful retooling of your online strategy, you can ride this monster wave to brave new places for your business or organization.

During the past few years, radical change was occurring in advertising and marketing strategies and it’s either get on board or miss the train time.

Participants in Social Media are measured in the billions and many buying decisions by this premium customer base will be influenced directly through this new medium. To keep your website from turning into a Ghost Town, it’s time to ask some serious questions.

Is your website social?
This may be one of the most important measures of a website today. How is your website doing in the following critical areas?

Are You Operating A Consistent Brand Strategy?
Do all of your social media tools use the same professional look and feel of your website? Is the message consistent through all mediums? If not, you’ll end up confusing your audience. Make sure your brand strategy is consistent throughout all execution of your online strategy.

Is Your Blog Fully Integrated?
If you don’t yet have an organizational Blog, that’s step one. But for those who do, you need to avoid leaving it out on an island. Your continuous goal should be to draw quality traffic to your core website. Make sure your Blog is fully integrated into your main site.

Is Facebook & Twitter Wired Into Your Website?
Perhaps you already have dabbled with Facebook and Twitter for your company or organization, but do they both drive prospects back to your website? Better yet, when you update your Facebook or Twitter accounts, does this post to your website?

Can Your Customers Easily Subscribe?
The key in any web strategy is to convert visitors to customers. A critical bridge strategy is to get them to at least sign up for your social media accounts or a newsletter. Make it easy and compelling for them to connect with you and you’ll see your lead opportunities climb.

Do You Have A Content Development Strategy?
Social Media is about building deeper relationships with prospects and customers, but the flower for the bee is strong content. To draw in the right visitors you need compelling content, skillfully delivered. Engineering a content development strategy for your Blog and other social media accounts will ensure that your plan is consistent and effective. A Social Media Rich Website with a solid strategy in place can serve as a powerful and cost-efficient messaging center for your products and services.

Are You Integrating Video?
The second most visited search engine in the world is YouTube, just behind Google. Your customers and prospects are going to YouTube in droves to get how-to videos, entertaining clips and to make purchasing decisions. You’ll want to make sure you have a strong presence in the videosphere and with a Social Media Rich Website you can embed videos directly into your site, taking communication to a whole new level.

So How Did You Do?
Is your website social? If so, keep it up and you’ll reap great benefits in developing leads and encouraging repeat business from your customers.

If not. Don’t worry. You can turn things around quickly. If you’re capable of implementing these changes yourself, then shift it to a high priority.

If all of this seems a bit overwhelming, or if you really prefer a professional approach, you can outsource this to an experienced firm to get you launched. Make sure the social marketing agency you use is well versed in web development, social media and building strong content. With the right partner, you can bountifully harvest the opportunities provided through Social Media.


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