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by | Dec 2, 2020

The introduction of the Gutenberg press in the 15th century changed the world by making the printed word available to the common man. But perhaps an even greater revolution is underway today as the proliferation of the Blog gives every common man their own printing press.

While Social Media darlings like Facebook and Twitter are getting all of the attention these days (including blockbuster movies), one of the greatest unsung heroes of the communication revolution is the Blog. Smart businesses are taking note and beginning to shift their traditional public relations and advertising strategies to take full advantage of this communication prodigy.

But what about your business? Why should you get engaged? Here are a few reasons why it might just be time to take the plunge:

Being The Expert

Most of traditional marketing strategies pour countless resources into trying to convince your tired consumer base that you are the expert. With a corporate Blog you can stop TELLING people you are the expert, and start BEING the expert. Letting your ideas and advice sell your business acumen will get you much greater results.

Getting Personal
A well constructed Blog will not only display your knowledge and expertise for all to see, it will also present your unique personality. People buy from people they like. They buy from businesses they like. Blogs provide a great opportunity to express yourself and your business in a way that will distinguish you from your competition and draw targeted customers.

Relational Glue
One of the many reasons why a business Blog is superior to a newsletter is that it provides a high level of interactivity. Not only can you deliver your thoughts directly to your clients’ e-mail in-box or Blog reader, you can allow them to share their comments and questions. It provides a great way to develop your community of customers.

Public Relations 2.0
If you think public relations is about fax machines and press releases, you’re living in the past. Yes. There is still some of that going on, but if you send out a press release to media outlets, you’re completely at their mercy as to if, what or when they’ll write about you.  With your fingers on the driving wheel of your Blog press, you have open roads and full control, especially after growing your following.

Search Engine Steroids
If you have a website you certainly know the value of search engine positioning. Search engines give high points for external links to your pages, relevant web content, and for frequent updates. Nothing can do this better than a business Blog.

Remind Me: What Is It You Do?
In this time of great busyness we need our clients and prospects to not only get excited about our services or products, we need to continually remind them of the benefits. By building a subscriber base of prospects, clients, partners and referral sources, you’ll get an easy and welcomed way to continue at top of the charts and number one in their hearts.

The Global Touch
Thanks in part to the viral effectiveness of Social Media as well as the power of the search engine, your Blog will not only attract known prospects and customers, but the invisible ones as well. People from all over will find you and explore what you have to sell.

The Mad Scientist
Because you are able to easily track the visits and comments to your business Blog, you’ll be able to test market ideas and concepts you have for your business. Feedback and popularity of your posts will give you critical insight into the hearts and minds of your prospects. Consider this your virtual focus group and you’ll be surprised by all you’ll learn.

The Ultimate Flypaper
A popular Blog can draw all kinds of quality traffic to your website This is especially true for websites which have an integrated Blog. If you put the time into developing a great Blog you’ll really see your web visits climb.

So why not get started? If you or your staff are gifted communicators and have the bandwidth available to make it happen, you can be off and running in a short period of time. You may want to invest in professional design and development of your Blog to make sure it’s consistent with your brand.

If writing isn’t your strong point, or you’d rather spend your time on doing the work that directly pays your bills, a great option is outsourcing your business Blog authoring and Social Media efforts to a professional firm.

Whatever direction you decide to take, get those presses rolling. The world is waiting to hear from you.


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