10 Ways to Open Your Sales Floodgates

There is a renewed state of enthusiasm for companies large and small this year. The same rivers that were a dull trickle over the past few years ago have the potential to be overflowing with just a few tweaks in your sales systems. Through the recent years of economic...

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Blog Strategies: Blogging For Business Success

The introduction of the Gutenberg press in the 15th century changed the world by making the printed word available to the common man. But perhaps an even greater revolution is underway today as the proliferation of the Blog gives every common man their own printing...

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Is Your Website Social?

Is your website lonely and disconnected? If it’s like most Internet presences out there today, the answer is decidedly “Yes.”  The vast majority of sites have not yet adapted to a Social Media Rich Website platform, and because of this, they are employing horse and...

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Part Two – Why Old Guys (& Gals) Rule On Social Media

In part one of this series of posts we explained how despite myths to the contrary, old folks can really hang ten when it comes to surfing the waves of social media. At least when it comes to business application. After all, we can rip curls in the area of rapidly...

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Why Old Guys (& Gals) Rule On Social Media

Similarly as portrayed by the popular Apple commercials which feature a young, witty hipster out-showcasing a frumpy Bill Gates clone, old guys are seen as wannabes in the world of Social Media. But the good news is that those of us with receding hairlines, receipts...

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Twitter Tips: How To Build A Targeted Following

For many people, the allure of Twitter is befuddling. Some will say, "Who has time for such nonsense?" Others, having been milk fed on Facebook, will see Twitter as a grossly inferior interactive tool, which in many ways it is. But, upon closer inspection, Twitter...

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